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Are you tempted by really high earnings, the convenience of working from home, freedom and the opportunity to be your own boss? Then maybe Webcam job is the work for You. Wondering what the job involves, what do you need and whether it is for you? 

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What does a model with a webcam job do?

Camgirl, or a model on sexchat or a webcam model, is the term used for a woman who earns money through broadcasting via webcam. The main goal is to entertain clients, mainly men, seeking sex and excitement. To do this, you can use dance, striptease, or just simple talking - it always depends on customer preferences and your imagination. Because even in this area, imagination is certainly without limits.

How much can I earn as a webcam model?

Earnings for a webcam model can be really high, but it's obviously a very individual matter. You can say that the more you invest in your work, the higher your income. Create a pleasant environment for broadcast, get seductive lingerie and sexy heels. Your personality also plays a big role just as how you present yourself. Create a regular clientele that will return to you.

What am I going to need for a career as a webcam model?

This is Webcam Job!

You most likely have everything that models with a webcam job need already at home. The condition is reaching 18/21 years of age, computer, webcam and high speed internet. You will also need a quiet place from where you can work from. Privacy is very important, disturbing roommates would not make your job very successful. To achieve higher income, sexy lingerie, costumes and a variety of erotic toys will help. The more versatile you are, and the wider the offer of your services, the wider the spectrum of customers you will attract, which will, logically, also increase your earnings. Adequate and flattering lighting that will provide your clients the look that they desire is also important.

Can I also become a successful Webcam model?

There is a lot of Webcam models and competition in this area is high. How to become the most successful? Do you have everything that is needed for this job? Desires and needs are different, but there are a few features that will help get you the dream earnings. What you should not be without?


Some customers might have the same requirements all the time, but most of them will crave diversity. Introduce yourself to your clients in a variety of roles, costumes and moods so they are never bored. Be a woman bursting with sexual energy and passion and show them this infinite imagination. Try new things and always give your performances new spark, so your clients won't forget and will be happy to return.


As a webcam model you will lead your own business, and this requires professionalism. The main principle include the privacy of your clients. Don't promise clients anything that you won't or cannot do, just tell the truth. Value your clients and appreciate their business. All of this can make you a reliable person they can trust in the eyes of your clients. 

Sense of humor

A sense of humor is very attractive characteristic welcomed not only in everyday life, but also in professional life and this is true even for webcam models. Laughter helps to relax, removing barriers to pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, sense of humor will help you overcome the sometimes awkward customers or embarrassing situations that you may encounter.


Starting webcam models are often faced with low self esteem and self-doubt, but with each client your confidence will soar. Men are paying you so they can look at you, so it is clear that they like what they see. Try to hide your insecurities and after working for a few weeks you may find that any doubts you might have had are gone. 

More info about Webcam modeling:

7 reasons to start working a webcam job

Like any work, camming has its pros and cons. If you are overly shy and embarrassed just to go to the beach in a bathing suit, perhaps you should look for opportunities elsewhere. But if you're happy with your body and you are attracted to the opportunity to earn thanks to it really innocently not a small amount of money, then we have 6 reasons why it is great to work for livechat!

Young girl earns money on Sex chat
  1. Job without a boss! - Being an independent and well paid woman is a dream of many and it can come true for you thanks to Webcam job. There will be no dreaded boss above you, telling you what to do. You will be the boss. You will see how freeing that feeling is! 
  2. You are being paid for being yourself - New webcam models are often given the advice to be themselves. And many experienced camgirls do agree that this is the best piece of advice they have been given. When you don't have to pretend, you will enjoy your job much more! 
  3. You will earn big money - While competition is big, you can still earn really decent money. Many webcam models were even able to leave their regular job and earn their living solely through sexchat. 
  4. You are working from home - Thanks to this job, you really sometimes do not even have to leave your bed. Leave your nightie on, turn on the computer and earn some money!
  5. You have a juicy secret - Do you like secrets? You can have a really juicy one thanks to your side job with sexchat. Maybe during the day you are the subtle grey mouse in an office, at night you can change into a sexy diva, desired by tens or hundreds of men! 
  6. You have lots of spare time - If you get lucky and will become a full time webcam model you will realize that you will earn a lot of money, yet you will not spend the same amount of time working as you would in a regular job. Thanks to this you will gain a lot of time for yourself - you can study, paint, start a business, do whatever you want! 
  7. Travel and work at the same time - While it is considered work from home, you are certainly not tied to one place. You can be a camgirl and travel all around the world.

A story of a Camgirl

Whether or not you are thinking of working as a webcam model, maybe you are curious, what it is like to be a camgirl. We bring you a story of a Webcam model, working under the name Black Angel, so that you can get a picture, how her life looks. And how possibly, yours could look.

The escape from the everyday

The girl with the name Black Angel started working as a server in one bar in Prague after high school. She was living with her boyfriend, but after a few years they have broken up. On top of that, at work, she started to experience problems with her boss that have reached such extent that she had to leave. By accident she came across an article on the internet about a successful webcam model that intrigued her. „I told myself: you are single, never really liked working as a server, why not try it?" says Black Angel. So she registered and started the roller coaster of new events.

Fear in the beginning

„The first day I was really scared," remembers Black Angel, „but the clients have surprised me. They were nice, interested in me, some even paid just to talk to me about things that people consider boring and normal." She says that most clients are normal people that are just a bit lonely. And she helps them through her work. „Most of the time I have the feeling that I am talking to my friends on Skype," she says. 

Change for the better

After five years of working on livechat Black Angel has realized that career in this area has completely changed her life - for the better. „I became more self confident, independent, but more importantly I started to really like my job," she says. According to her this job brings many more advantages than that: „I am much more aware of my sexuality, to which I did not pay enough attention before. I have learned to say no and I don't do things that I do not like. And I have also stopped judging people. I think that everyone has the right to live their life as they choose." She herself has experienced judgment and contempt, but thanks to it she has realized who her real friends are. 

The basic gear of a webcam model

Are you intrigued by work as a Webcam model, where you are your own boss, work from home, and if you are successful, earn not small amounts of small, enough, so that you have decided to start with a career as a camgirl? Maybe you are still worried about a few details. One of the most common ones is what do you really need. It is not much, but you cannot do without a few things. What are they?

LiveJasmin model at work...
  1. Computer - A computer or a notebook is something you cannot do without. The more powerful, the better, of course. It will add quality to your show and will therefore make you more money.
  2. Webcam - Do not rely on the built in webcam, instead buy a separate one. It will be better and your clients will appreciate it.
  3. High speed connection - If your internet works well only on Friday and in winter, it will not be good for your career as a livechat model. Invest in high speed internet so that your broadcast will be continuous and run without issues.
  4. Pleasant space - Space, from which you broadcast, should be pleasant for both you and your clients. Make sure you have good lighting, perfect angle from which the webcam will be taking you and put on some relaxing music. Get rid off all distracting and personal elements such as pictures or documents. Someone could easily take advantage of them and uncover your real identity.
  5. Toys - You don't have to have a lot of sex toys ready on the first day, but a good quality dildo and lubricating gels should be in your tool kit.
  6. Attractive outfit - Even the collection of erotic outfits you can build up slowly, but in the beginning go buy something nice and comfy. Your favorite, years old underwear does not interest anyone.
  7. Information - You will only gain experience with every show, but it is good to know a few tips from experienced webcam models (below) and a know-how. This way you can be better prepared for your first day, which will make you a bit nervous and will help you to get an idea how webcam models behave.
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Best toys for webcam models

A good variety of sex toys is necessary gear for every webcam model. They are what excite men, what makes your show sexy and playful and it will most likely make your job more fun for you as well. At first you can start with one or two toys and then add to your collection so that your fans don't get bored. What toys do more experienced webcam models recommend?

Favorite toys

Webcam Job Guide

One of the most favorite and most demanded toys is a realistically looking dildo, it is most likely not necessary to explain why. You can select from many different sizes, shapes and colors, you can even get ones that squirt. Many clients will ask you to use the biggest dildo you have. For that reason do not show them those that you are not comfortable using. Also popular are see through dildos, vibrators for the clitoris or double ended vibrators. While you are shopping for them don't forget to get enough lubricants. 

Lovense VibraToy

VibraToy is an interactive sex toy that lets you offer a special service for your Members. The Members can control your VibraToy by moving their mouse during the show. VibraToy uses Bluetooth to connect to your computer and is capable of multiple operations such as rotation or vibration. Get your VibraToy Here.

Do not buy according to price

While shopping for sex toys do consider that you will be using them practically daily. That is why you shouldn't underestimate their quality and buy the cheapest ones. In the first place, we are talking about your health. Cheap toys may be manufactured from low quality, hazardous materials that can cause an infection or an allergic reaction. Another reason is that cheap dildos and vibrators will simply not last you long, may break and just look cheap. And last, but not the least, think about how you will enjoy the toy. Don't forget that you might be using it for hours a day, which might be painful even with enough lubricant. 

Hygiene first

Regular water and soap are not most suitable for cleaning the toys, so while you are shopping for sex toys get specialty soaps. You should wash them after every use to avoid transferring bacteria. 

Can a webcam model date?

If you became a webcam model during the time when you were single maybe at that moment you desired to be alone. But this type of work means a lot of lonely nights and days without any physical contact, which after some time gets old for almost anyone. And then maybe you will once again yearn for a romantic relationship. You will possibly meet a man that you will find attractive. But how do you tell him that you get naked in front of a webcam?

Don't be shy

The first step to begin an honest relationship with a man is not to be ashamed of your work. People might judge you because of it and maybe you will come across misunderstanding, envy or gossip, but you, yourself, should never feel ashamed because of your work. When you begin with yourself, then it will be easier to respond to the negative reactions of the people around you. You have made a name for yourself as a webcam model, you have a fan base and you are constantly trying to get better, you should be proud! 

Do not reveal your secret too soon

More experienced camgirls that have experienced a few dates while working  do agree that you should not talk about your work on your first date. At first, comfortably create some idea about the person you have just met and open up when you are sure that you are dealing with a nice, understanding, and sympathetic guy. On the other hand it would not be fair to keep the truth about your profession hidden for too long. However great he seems, your job might be too much for him and your relationship to that point would be a waste of time and it would hurt you that much more.

How to start?

Are you thinking  how to tell your chosen one about your career? Do not make up complicated stories, just say it straight up: „I am a webcam model." Reactions may vary, but it is possible that it will intrigue him, he will want to find out more and will feel honored that you want to spend your free time with him. Many people do not really even have a clear idea what this job is about so it is necessary to explain. Don't defend yourself, just explain everything. If he really likes you, he will understand.

The best make-up for webcam model

To make your show perfect, it is necessary to pay attention to many things. And whether a client will return to you or not is often decided by even the tiniest details. So don't forget about your hair style, manicured hands and make up. Considering that you need a good lighting for your job as livechat model, your make-up should be just perfect in every detail and long lasting as well. No one wants to look at lipstick stuck on your teeth and foundation running down your face after sexy striptease. What should you use?


Sexy Woman earns money with live Webcam Sex

An important step to long lasting make up is a primer. It makes sure that the foundation stays where it should and also that eye shadow will not cake up in the crease of your eyelid. You can choose from many types: hydrating, smoothing, whatever what you need. Then you can work the whole day without worrying that you will look like a clown at the end of the day.


Choose your foundation based on the amount of coverage you need.  If you were born with perfect skin, you only need light foundation that will give you glow. For issues with acne select foundation with full coverage. With the help of foundation you can also cover up a tattoo if your client does not like it, or if you don't want to be recognized because of it.

Perfect eyelashes

To make your eyes attract attention bet on intense eyelashes. They will not look overwhelming on camera, but they will change you into irresistible diva. If nature didn't give them to you go for the fake ones. They don't cost much but do an incredible job.

Seductive lips

If make-up isn't your strong suit, at least invest into a lipstick. It can completely change and uplift your look. Seductive lips were always in style and men love them. Before you will put on a lipstick for your show, try it on. You will find out whether it bleeds, transfers, disappears or chunks up in the corners of your mouth. 

8 tips for beginner models

No beginnings are easy and even as a webcam model you most likely will not earn hundreds of thousands in the first few weeks. It is easier to get through those uneasy beginnings if you know a few smart tips, know what to do and what to avoid. Discover with us tips from experienced Webcam model and become an icon in your field!

Model's chatroom
  1. Spoil your clients - Loyal clients are the best that you can have, because they almost certainly mean stable income. Pay special attention to them, better than your other clients. Pamper, of course, those that pay higher amounts.
  2. Keep a schedule - Even work as a webcam model needs discipline. If you log in once in the morning and the next day at midnight, clients from the day before will most likely miss out on you. Try to log in at the same time every day.
  3. Discover new options - Website, on which you are working, is not the only one where you can make yourself known.  Visit various websites for adults or social networks that can help to make you known.
  4. Be inspired - Be inspired by successful webcam models. What makes money for them will not necessarily make money for you, but checking out your competition is always a good idea.
  5. Never do anything for free - Many livechat visitors would want everything free if possible. But this is not how business works and it is important to let them, politely, know.
  6. Invest in yourself - Invest your first earned money into improving your look and your show. Buy more toys, new lingerie, go get some make-up and get your hair done.
  7. Sell your lingerie - You can also make money in another way, than your show. Many clients desire to feel you closer and maybe they will ask you to sell them your underwear. Why not?
  8. Let them give you gifts - Create a gift list of things you want. Why buy them with your own money, when some of your clients want to spoil you with an expensive gift?

How to get members that will return to you?

Loyal clients are the foundation of becoming a successful webcam model and therefore ensure enough of money for the rest of your life. But how do you ensure, with this huge competition, that they return to your room? It is all up to you. Show your personality, reveal what makes you special. To put it simply, learn how to sell yourself the way you are.

Copy tricks of the more experienced

LiveJasmin model job

n the beginnings it is good to get inspired wherever possible. Perhaps from a more experienced webcam model. Even in this field there are „celebrities" that just know how to do it. And these are the ones worth watching. Find a few top webcam models and learn. Watch how they communicate with clients, how they address them, what they do to attract them. In the end adjust everything so it fits you.

Record yourself

If the clients from the day before are not coming back, maybe you should think about what you are doing wrong. Sometimes it is possible that it just was not a good fit, but if after working for a few months you do not have returning clients it is time to thinking about why. Try to record some of your shows and then critically go over it. Maybe you were overly aggressive, shy, or maybe you just have bad lighting and client didn't see much. If you know someone you trust you can play the video to them. Their critique can help you succeed.

Stand out

In the huge competition of webcam models it is necessary to stand out to get loyal clients. It can be an exotic look, uncommon practices you offer, but also some kind of special talent you have. Do you pole dance or belly dance? Are you really bendy and can you put your leg behind your head? Do you resemble a celebrity? Build your career on what makes you different and your loyal members will come. Do not forget to list all your talents in your profile. Members will be curious what you can do.

How to earn money without getting naked

Maybe you are shy, maybe you do not want to get naked in front of that many different clients. Despite that you like the idea of working as a webcam model. Is it possible to earn money in webcam job without taking off your underwear? The answer is yes. It is not easy, but not impossible. Members' requests are different and you will come across those that are not interested in you being naked. What are the options for „clothed" camgirl?

Playing dominatrix

One of the most requested and favorite options how to earn money without getting naked. Many men dream of a strict dominatrix, they can call goddess, my misters or queen. The advantage is that the whole show will be exclusively in your hands. You can tell the client what to do, how to touch himself, what to say. Some even dream of being humiliated, some of you being in charge of their wallets and get off on the thought that their money can help make your life more pleasant. That is, of course, a very special case.

The girl next door

Some clients are not coming to livechat for erotica, but for company. These lonely men long for women's company, want to just talk about normal things, to confide in someone. Here, it is not important how seductive you look, but it is more about your personality and how the client feels with you. In these cases there is nothing better than to be you. 

The unusual fetish

Many members come with the very unusual requests. A lot of them get excited by the not so traditional things and you are the only one whom they will tell. And it is up to you to make their wish come true. One of the more common fetishes is the feet. Bare, in stockings, in high heels - it is all for many men very exciting. But some will want to watch as you exercise, play with your tongue or eat gummy bears very slowly.

Webcam model and period

Period is something no woman really enjoys, but if you need to get naked as part of your job, it will really not be something you will look forward to. Maybe you are already on livechat, you have built up a fan base, you have a schedule when you log on and then comes that time of the month. One week off can be really tough for a new webcam model. How do the more experienced deal with periods?

Tampons and the sea sponge

Webcam Model at her job

The easiest and at the same time most comfortable solution how to enjoy the show during your period are tampons and sea sponges. Tampons have one advantage and disadvantage at the same time - the string. During normal wear it comes in handy, during the job as a webcam model it needs to be hidden. Sea sponges do not have it, so if you get used to them, you will most likely use them during your period at work most often. Thanks to them there are no problems when playing with vibrators or other toys. You can also use another favorite of ours, the diva cups. Another option are contraceptive pills, thanks to which you can move your period and avoid it for a few months. It is clear that, because of medical reasons, you cannot avoid it forever.

Alternative show

There are many other options how you can please your members without taking off your underwear. If you do not suffer from severe cramps or migraines, you can dance seductively, try dirty talking, transform into a strict dominatrix, play with your breasts or give your clients instructions how to masturbate. 

Free time for the experienced

If you consider yourself an experienced webcam model and know that your fans are loyal and will wait for you for a few days than you can afford that luxury to take those days during your period off to rest and just focus on yourself. This options, however, is not for beginners. Members could forget about you during that week and quickly replace you. 

Why is it better to be a webcam model than a stripper?

Being a stripper, especially in Germany, is becoming very popular now. Many models got into this business and it is clear that it could be considered a well paid „work".  We don't want, under any circumstances, moralize or judge, but there is a number of compelling reasons why it is better to be a webcam model than a stripper. Which are they?

Be your own boss

Live sex model

You choose when you work, you choose who can look at you. There is no boss for you that would force you into something you do not like. If you just do not feel like yourself, you just do not log in. Sure, you are risking losing your clients, but it is all up to you. On top of it, you can practically work from anywhere you choose and at any time during the day or night. 

Paid per minute

While strippers usually get paid for each night they work and hope for high tips from the patrons of the bar, you get paid per minute. So per hour of work you can get paid an incredible amount while you are still working from the comfort of home.

Please, do not touch

One of the biggest advantages for webcam models, compared to strippers or porn stars is that you are avoiding all physical contact. You are working from a comfortable place and don't have to be afraid of any weirdoes that could be touching you. If you do not like a client, you simply log off. 


Who doesn't like gifts? As a webcam model you will most likely get many. Many clients will, as a token of appreciation and to show that they care about you, send you more or less expensive gifts that will be, if not useful, at least a nice reminder of a job well done. Some send sexy lingerie they would like to see on you, some even jewelry or expensive electronics. Thanks to them you can feel as a real star! 

How to keep your privacy as a webcam model?

Working as a webcam model is in no way dangerous if you watch your privacy. However nice and sympathetic may the client appear to be on sexchat, you never know how he is in real life. And that is why it is important to watch your privacy so that your members never discover your real name or your address. What else to consider, when the internet reveals more about us these days than we would like? 

The view from your window

Model camming

You never know whether you client does not sit hundreds of kilometers or just a few meters in the apartment across from you. Even that can happen. Because of that, never point the camera at the window. Just a simple view of the city hall can uncover where you live. 

Beware of mail

Webcam models often, in addition to the money they make for the live shows; earn extra cash by selling their lingerie to their fans. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, it is a great way of making your members happy. But sending parcels has one problem - simple postage stamp will reveal which city you live in.

That Facebook

You have just posted a perfect picture from your vacation on Facebook and you thought: „Wow, my clients on live chat might like that picture!" No, under any circumstances do not send that picture. That way it would become very easy for them to access your real Facebook profile and thanks to that they could uncover more than is appropriate or safe.

Imaginary relationship

With many clients you will maybe start „seeing" each other daily.  That might start to resemble some kind of relationship and you might easily get into everyday conversations. Never, however, talk to your clients about your family, friends or about social events you have attended. His interest might just be a trick to find where you are and every innocent piece of information can end up a big mistake in the end.

5 mistakes Camgirls make

If you want to prepare well for your first day in front of the camera, it is good to have a list of not only things you want to do, but also consider things you should not do. Maybe you are telling yourself, there is not much you can do wrong at this job and to some extend you are correct. But don't forget that maybe you are unknowingly endangering your privacy or alienating clients. What mistakes do webcam models make?

  1. Be yourself - Maybe you have an idea how a webcam model should look or behave. If you are going to stylize yourself into someone else, you will appear unnatural and the client will notice. Also consider the big competition. Do not be like everyone else, build your name on the fact that you are different!
  2. Trying too much - This points ties to the one before. Do not try to be overly sexy. This can end up looking desperate, which certainly is not seductive. It will scare your clients, bore them and in the end make them run away.
  3. Too much alcohol - Alcohol is, at least in the beginning, a good aid, but it can quickly change into a bad helper. A glass or a shot to calm down is alright, it can lower inhibitions and may make you a bit happier and more open, which clients will like. But never over do it.  A girl that is barely standing up on her feet is something (almost) no one wants to see.
  4. Gossip - Do not try to make yourself special in the eyes of your clients by gossiping about or judging other webcam girls.  Talking badly about others is not sexy and men are a bit allergic to this „girlish" feature. Show them that you are better with your actions, not with ugly words. Shine with your positive approach!
  5. Do not give up too early - Maybe someone wooed you to work as a webcam model by telling you that you will earn a lot of money on your very first day. But to earn loyal members needs time and it is a tough job. Do not give up after your first day, when you have not earned much. Build your contacts, do not push it, success will come with time.

How to talk dirty

Camgirl works on sexchat

Webcam model will come across all sorts of wishes and requests from her members while working. Some of them are quite normal, some unusual and maybe even weird. Dirty talking is one of the most common requests. If you have never done anything like that before, it is quite normal that you will be a bit shy. To know the art of dirty talking can bring you a lot of new clients and those will not want to leave you. It is worth it to put the shyness away and start to talk dirty. How to do it?

Recognize the advantages of talking dirty

Not only will talking dirty bring you new clients to whom you will be exciting and sexy, it also brings many advantages to you as well. In the first place, thanks to it you will have your show in your hands - everything will go as fast as you will wish. At the same time you will be able to stretch the show a little bit. Engage your imagination and describe every detail, which will make your client feel just as if you are sitting right next to him.

How to begin

There is really nothing complicated about dirty talking - you are just saying aloud what you are feeling, doing and what you would like to do to your client if he would be sitting next to you. In the beginning you can describe your feelings  and talk about how excited or horny you are, then you can talk about your fantasies and wishes and entice the client by talking about how and where you would like to be touched, kissed, licked....

Collect information

Do you still not feel comfortable while talking dirty? Get more experience! Read erotica, where you will get an understanding of a wide range of words and expressions that you can use. On top of it you will also get an idea about fantasies of other people. Your client can also help you with dirty talking. Ask him what he would like, what are his fantasies, what he would do to you right now. Don't forget that no one ever fell from the sky knowing everything and just like everything else dirty talking needs practice. Train, get better and you will see that in no time you will like it.

How to prepare for your first day in front of camera?

How to make money as a Webcam Model?

You have considered all pros and cons and you have decided to become a camgirl. Now you have your first day in front of camera ahead of you. Even if you are a confident person you are most likely getting a bit nervous. There is nothing unusual about it and you only need a few things to prepare. Definitely don't underestimate the preparations, with the first day you will also create your first impressions of this job and they might influence your whole future career. What not to forget?

Do not underestimate the basic gear

Webcam models' job requires smaller or bigger financial investment in the beginning. The biggest part of it will be quality electronics. Powerful computer, quality webcam and high speed internet are basics that will help bring you high earnings and satisfied members. No one will enjoy unstable connection or a window full of squares. 

Choose a sexy outfit

Washed out lingerie that has been in your drawers for years will most likely not be the most suitable choice of what to wear in front of the camera. So to invest into a nice piece of lingerie will pay off. At the same time, you don't have to put on a sexy latex outfit on your very first day, when you never had such a thing on. Rather choose something that makes you feel comfortable.

The big role of lighting

Another often underrated thing is lighting. But it plays a very important role in the quality of your broadcast. To get the best results, most of your light should come from behind of your webcam and at you at around 45 degree angle. Always use at least two sources of light. Here again, the better the quality the higher the potential earnings.

Do not forget the toys

You don't need to have an endless amount of sex toys in the beginning, the basic, in the form of a quality vibrator should, however, not be missing from your toolkit. Gradually, as you earn money in webcam job, you can expand your collection.

How to choose the perfect name for webcam job?

One of the first things that you will need to solve as a new webcam model is to select the perfect name for livechat. This is an important decision, because your work name will also become your trade mark that will represent you throughout your career.

Choose a real name

Your name can be exotic and uncommon, but it should really exist. The aim is for your clients to remember it and it should also be easy for them to pronounce. If the name will be too original and complicated, it could only confuse your clients and you don't want that. Choose rather short, simple name such as Ann, Sarah, Pixy, Ruby or Lynn. You can add a last name, middle name or even a nickname of the type Lady, Miss and such. A lot of inspiration can be taken from nicknames of famous porn stars.

Think strategically

Well chosen name can help you attract a lot of members so don't underestimate its selection. Don't select it just based on whether you like it, but also think strategically. Check on the internet if there is no other famous webcam model using it. If you are lucky enough that you, for example, resemble a celebrity, you can select a name similar to hers.

Be happy with your name

Even if you were to choose an easily memorable, sexy and at the same time original name, it will not be perfect if you will not like it. People will call you by this name and associate you with it and that is why it is important that you are happy with it. Did you want to be called differently when you were little? Where you crazy about a pop star or an actress? Try to remember, maybe that will be the right inspiration. If no good name comes across your mind, visit some websites with random name generators.

5 words that will kill your clients' fantasies

How to take a sexy profile picture?

Model in Webcam Job

Perfect and 100% sexy profile picture is an absolute necessity for a job as a webcam model. It will be the first thing the client sees and it is with its help you will entice them. If you have enough money for a photographer or for at least a professional camera, you have won. But what if you don't have any of those? It is ok, you can still make a sexy profile picture that will score big!

Choose a picture that will represent

Do not just consider how you look on the picture, but what else you show. Don't reveal too much, leave something for your members' imagination and a reason to be interested in you. If you show everything immediately, the magic of the unknown will be gone. At the same time don't stylize yourself into a role that doesn't suit you and you won't be able to give to your members. Just simply show yourself as you are.

Beware of lighting

Good lighting is the alpha and omega of a good picture. Avoid direct sun light - it accentuates wrinkles and can make you look older. Even if you are taking the picture inside, don't go crazy with the lamp. Also don't rely on the flash. The best option is to have multiple sources of light.

The correct angle

After you choose the most flattering pose, focus on the angle you will use. The best one is just above your forehead - so the camera should be at this height. If you decide to do a „selfie", hold the phone or camera at arm's length, slightly above your eyes. From this angle a pretty face really stands out, along with full lips and, of course, the décolletage. 

Don't want to show your face?

Seductive gaze does magic, but if you want to protect your privacy, you don't have to put your whole face on your profile picture. But make sure to leave at least your lips - they appear sexy. A photo of you just from the neck down could look more like a mannequin from a store than a human being. Also crop out any distracting background and let what is really important stand out, that is you.

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